Upgrade to a New Roof in Canton, Michigan

Installing a new roof Canton Michigan is one investment with a significant impact on your home’s appearance, function, and overall value.

Whether your roof is already more than two decades old, you have plans to sell your house soon, or you are just renting out a home, experts suggest that you schedule a roof inspection to check it for any damage and know if repair is enough or if it is about time for you to get a brand new roof.

Telltale Signs of a Damaged Roof

  • Shingles that curled or cupped along the edges
  • Torn, broken, or missing shingles
  • Bald shingles with lost granules
  • Heavy growth of moss or mold on major areas of the roof
  • Rotted roof sheathing
  • Roof leaks in several spots

Common Reasons to Get a New Roof Canton, Michigan

Aside from the usual problem of a leaky roof, there are still lots of other reasons for you to consider getting a new roof replacement. Below are some of those reasons why homeowners decide to switch their old roof for a new one:

  • Replacement of a worn roof

Typically, asphalt roof shingles can last from 15 up to 25 years. The bad news is that factors such as storm damage, moss or mold growth, low slope, and ice damming can significantly cut down the life of asphalt roofs.

  • Increase the value of the property

Getting a new roof Canton, Michigan can increase your home’s real estate value and boost its curb appeal. Aside from the aesthetic impact, new roofs can also provide a better sense of financial security to potential homebuyers. This is because it eliminates their worries about common roofing issues or replacing the roof for the next 20 years or so.

  • Storm damage repair

There are many ways in which a storm can damage your roof. There are times when high winds can blow off the roof shingles or knock down tree branches or whole trees into the roof. Instead of making some spot repairs after storm damage, replacing the roof with a new one is a smarter move.

  • Complete a major remodel

A major remodeling project on your home’s exterior can completely transform both its look and feel. Instead of dealing with the unsightly combination of old and new roofing, most homeowners choose to have their entire roof replaced with new roof Canton, Michigan as part of the remodeling project.

Your roof will take on a significant beating and wear and tear over time. Waiting for too long before you install a new roof Canton, Michigan can cost you more money. Good thing there are roofing experts that will help you determine if your house needs a new roof or just some maintenance or repairs will be enough. They understand that roof replacement is a major investment so they will make sure that you will get only the highest quality of roofing system to give you the ultimate peace of mind.