The Best Roofing Contractors, Canton MI

Canton Michigan is a pretty cool place to live in if you don’t like hot weather. It’s mostly partly cloudy and has some nice winds. The disadvantage is that winters are cold and that the occasional rain could cause issues on old roofs of old houses and sloppily built roofs on new ones. If you do run into trouble, you’ll need the help of the best roofing contractors Canton MI. Now who are these great roofing contractors you need to know in case you decide to move into the fine township of Canton and its cool weather? Get to know some of them below.

  • Allpoint Construction is best overall and is our top pick because it is capable, reliable and affordable.
  • Victors Roofing – is one of the best roofing contractors, Canton MI. This business has left its positive mark on many houses of Canton and the surrounding towns by providing quality low-slope roof and shingle installations, including gutter, siding and attic insulation services. Customers love the intense detail work they do through an intensive talk-through with the home owners before work progresses. Roofing has strangely become the owner’s passion work or calling so customers can really expect quality work from a company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Their crew is known to be highly professional but it’s best to hammer out all the details to them, cost, work and schedule for best results.
  • American Standard Roofing – in case Victors is occupied, out of budget and you need immediate help, you can turn to another of the best roofing contractors, Canton MI, American Standard Roofing. Now this business has a long experience in roofing from its foundation back in 1997 and has a claim to being the most trusted roofing company in Michigan and has already served thousands of satisfied customers. Big job or small, this company is ready to take on the challenge. They’re known to also be quick and highly professional and reasonably priced.
  • Renaissance Roofing Inc. – is another great roofer to turn to in case the formers aren’t available. As the name implies, Renaissance Roofing was founded from the Michigan’s need to have a roofer that valued high quality. The company was founded earlier in 1996 and also boasts extensive experience in new roof installations, sky lighting, ventilation, insulation, tear-offs and leak investigations. The owner often takes an active role in the work so customers can expect jobs well done.