Roofing Brownstown Michigan

Roofing Brownstown Michigan is an easy task for this collection of professional roofers. Roofers anyone in Brownstown, or the entire state of Michigan for that matter, should be familiar with. Because Michigan’s weather, can do quite a number on the state’s homes, most of which are tiled/shingled colonial and bungalow styled houses. Not to say that Michigan isn’t a pleasant place to live in. The weather is mostly in a pleasant overcast mode, except during the freezing winter time.

If there’s any part of the house that requires regular maintenance, it’s roofing. Brownstown Michigan, and nearby townships can call on these fine trusty folk to build, maintain, renovate and repair their roofing. Without further ado, they are as follows:

  • Downriver Roofers – serves most of Southeast Michigan for their needs in roofing. Brownstown Michigan included of course. They’re known for their fast but quality work. They can replace an entire roof very fast.
  • Renaissance Contracting –counts on Michigan residents’ word of mouth and positive reviews. They don’t say much online but let their work speak for them. They’re known for their professionalism, prompt action and quality work. They can also do other parts of the house and serve other parts of the state.
  • Big Ike’s Roofing Co. – serves Brownstown but is actually based in Livonia. A big reason to call them is their over thirty years of experience when it comes to roofing. Brownstown Michigan residents can count on them for both residential and commercial work.
  • Cutting Edge Roofing – not exactly a Brownstown local, and fairly new to the game, but reliable nonetheless. Founded in 2017, they’re excited to prove themselves through quality work, eager to put their foot in Michigan’s door. Something that should be taken advantage of.
  • Richards Roofing – is the most experienced roofer in this list with over 42 years doing roofing, insulation and sidings. It’s a small family-owned company but it’s trusted with both commercial and residential projects. Highly recommended by Angieslist and Yelp.