Roofing Ann Arbor Michigan – Know the Best Roofing Materials for Your Roof

When it comes to roofing Ann Arbor Michigan, selecting the best and right roofing materials for your house could be the most exciting way to spend time. However, it’s crucial to understand what you are getting into so you can make most of your ROI.

Basically, what you should know is that there are different roofing choices made available to you. Each of these has its own attributes. Just take note that the options available let you choose based on what factor is essential to you, whether it is combination, longevity, style or budget. Normally, low cost roofing comes with a short lifespan while costly roofing has better longevity. The trick is to look for the right balance between such characteristics.

  • Wood Shingles

These have been around for a long time and continue to be a great roofing choice. These are normally made from pine, redwood, cypress, as well as western red cedar. They are a good choice for steeply-pitched roofs, which can show off nicely textured aesthetic that they offer naturally. One of the considerations about a wood roof is its fire susceptibility and whether the building code will let you use wood roof. The wood roofs may be treated to be retardant from fire, yet they will not be fireproof and fire-resistant properties could degrade.

  • Asphalt Composition Shingles

Composition shingles or also known as asphalt shingles are the most prevalent kinds of available roofing materials. They are a combination of backing, mineral granules, and asphalt. The asphalt shingles are very easy to work with and you can install them even through DIY. Majority of asphalt roofing products are priced economically even if some top of the line premium products may rival the cost of pricey roof types.

  • Metal Roofing

It’s available in some materials including copper, aluminum, and steel. It comes in some forms like tiles and sheeting. If you do not want the smooth look, you could purchase steel roofing coated with stone that has the asphalt roofing’s texture.

  • Composite Roofing

The composite roofing materials include tiles made from plastic, rubber or combination of both. This roofing type also includes combination of cement and fibrous materials. This roofing is intended to mimic some forms of roofing while taking advantage of benefits that such alternate materials offers.

  • Concrete or Clay Roofing Tiles

The tile roofs that aren’t made from composite materials or metals are actually made from concrete or clay-based. The tile roofs are another long-lasting and durable roof, yet they’re heavy and the underlying structure of the roof has to be designed to take loads. Concrete or clay tiles are available in different styles. Other products are also made to mimic some kinds of roofing like wood shake. In many cases, you will get textured wood-look with fireproof and durable roof covering.

All in all, the best roof protects everything. Pay close attention to what is available and how they perform would serve you well to get a roof that is economical, long lasting, and durable. Hire a roofing Ann Arbor Michigan contractor to assist you with your roofing needs.