Interior Design – Louvre Doors

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choose the interior doors to finish out your new home or remodeling project. Decisions such as style, color, operation type, and size are some of the decision that will need to be made when choosing your doors. Most of the interior door units that are used in interior design projects are pre-made units that will fit into a rough opening that has been constructed to the correct size to receive the door unit system. There are times when custom door units will need to be constructed. But knowing what style of doors to use will be important regardless of a pre-made unit or a custom unit. XL Joinery Doors can help you with this decision.


One of the most popular types of doors that have been utilized in the home is the louvre door. A louvre door is a type of door that consists of a rail and style construction. The middle portion of a louvered door is made of slates that are installed in an angle. This slats will allow for air circulation as well as light to enter through the doors. Louvre doors are beneficial in several different ways. Louvre doors not only look great but there are several practical reasons they are used in different locations of your home.

One of the biggest reasons that louvered doors are used is for air circulation. Louvre doors are used as air return in some HVAC unit enclosures. The can also be used in passage ways such as at the end of hallways to aid in the purpose of sending return air back to your unit. This air return flow is crucial for the performance of your HVAC. Without the proper air return your unit will not cool or heat properly. Louvered doors will help aid in the amount of air return throughout your home.

Another common place to find louvered doors is in the closets and storage of many bedrooms. There are a couple of beneficial reasons why a louvre door is used on a bedroom closet. The main reason is air circulation. Fresh air will keep the humidity down inside your closets helping to protect the contents from moisture. If you have any slight moisture buildup in your closet the clothes could have mold or other contaminants begin to build on the contents of the closets. If you were to leave a light on in the closet the louvre doors will also alert you that you have left the inside light on and you will not leave the light on after you leave the closet preventing any overheating causing a fire hazard.

Louvre doors are also a great choice for pantry doors where food and vegetable are stored. The fresh air circulation will help to keep the vegetable and other food stored in the pantry fresh and will last longer. As you can see there are several beneficial reasons why a louvre door can be used in your home. Check with XL joinery to see if a louvre door would be the right choice for your home.

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