Important Things to Check in Roofing Warranty Fine Print

Getting a warranty is a must every time you make a big investment. If the risks of mechanical failure are clear, it is common for customers to seek the best protection possible. On the other hand, with non-mechanical items such as roofing, most buyers fail to realize that it is equally important to have a good warranty in place.

It is tough to identify a good contract but there are several things you have to check in fine print to ensure that you will get the most out of your investment.

Are Manufacturing Defects Covered?

Most contracts include the actual materials used for the project. If products fail despite the proper installation, this kind of coverage ensures that you will receive compensation. But, studies revealed that almost 2/3 of all issues are the result of installation errors of the roofers and not the actual failure of the materials or parts used.

What Can Be Installed on the Roofing?

Roofing warranties also list specific things you can and cannot install, and the things that require permission. Some items such as satellite dish can affect the weatherproofing of the roof and there might be a need for regulation.

Are Workmanship Errors Covered?

This is a less common coverage compared to contracts that cover manufacturing problems. Most companies that provide this coverage fail to cover workmanship and they will do everything so that you don’t notice it. See to it you read and understand the fine print to make sure that every promised coverage is really there.

Do You Need to Clear Additions with the Warranty Company?

Some provisions may stop you from installing anything new on your roof with no prior approval. See to it that you read the contract carefully and watch out for things that require you to clear any new installations with the respective warranty company. Failure to do so might make you end up voiding your warranty unintentionally.

How Soon Should You Report Damage?

Inspect your roofing warranty with care to know the window for reporting any damage. After some time, you might not be able to receive any compensation for damages when you wait for a long time.

Are There Specific Care Requirements?

The roofing coverage may also stipulate the installation being cared for in a certain manner. There might be a need for you to perform periodic checkups or regular maintenance.

Can You Choose Your Own Contractor?

If you obtain coverage through your chosen contractor, in general, you have the choice to work with the same contractor again, or you can choose a coverage that will allow you to work with other roofing contractors or work with someone with the approval of the company. It will be explained in detail in the text of the policy.

How Long Will the Warranty Last?

Each contract has a certain term after this it will expire. Most advertise that they have a lifetime warranty. But, remember that the definition of lifetime can vary so make sure you know what it means in your contract.

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