Home renovations under 4000$

Venitian blind. Français : Store vénitien, détail.

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Home improvements don’t require a major budget to makeover a mundane space into a spectacular one. Plenty of low cost home renovations resuscitate new life into the decor. From refacing cabinets, new window dressings to flooring, seven different low cost home renovations replenish the interior of almost any abode (for under $4000).

1) Paint Job – $100 – $200

Brighten a space using colors that evoke a positive mood. In color psychology, yellow, light green and blue hues represent cheeriness, spring and peacefulness, respectively.

Painting tips: Note that a primer is necessary if the wall has never been painted. Additionally, expect to use a couple of coats if covering a darker color. Paint sprayers start at $75; and shorten the time it takes to paint wall space. (Opt for paints free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)).

2) Shelving – $100 – 200

A bookcase makeover reads like a transformation in literary organization. This do it-yourself project epitomizes the low cost home renovation, as it does not necessitate a contractor’s assistance.

In the photo, Constance Haas gave her bookcase a facelift. First, Ms, Haas removed the items from the shelves, dusting and cleaning before applying a canary yellow backdrop. Next, she chose monochromatic hues of blue and orange embellishments to stage on each shelf. To complete the bookcase revival, she stacked books among unique ornaments.

3) Crown molding – $1000 – $3000

Crown molding punctuates a room’s features, refining the wall space.The decorative ceiling trim happens to be a signature design aesthetic used by Bravo TV’s famous interior designer, Jeff Lewis. (For a room 500 to 800 square foot, crown molding starts at about $1000).

4) Closets – $200 – $3500

Replace an old wooden or plywood closet door with a better modern door replacement. Companies such as the Sliding Door Company customize closet doors, ranging in color, trim, and different glass style. These closet designs start at $1000.

5) Flooring – $500 – $4000

Perhaps, old tiling or carpet does not concur with the rest of the media room or basement. Floor tile, available in porcelain, ceramic and natural (marble, travertine, slate) materials, affords a low cost home renovation.

In addition to choosing adequate tiles to cover the floor space, there are plenty of other important considerations. For instance, natural stones, such as marble and slate accommodate high traffic areas, offering a luxurious élan. Economically priced, ceramic tile proves easy to maintain. And, porcelain withstands cracks and chips.

Flooring buying tips: When selecting tiles also consider thickness and break strength. Try to buy tile flooring that includes a manufacturer’s warranty. Note that the greatest cost for the floor renovation is the labor.

Blinds/Window Treatments – $700 – $3000

6) Curtains, drapery, and valences are not the only design approach for dressing up the windows. Blinds, window treatments and shades present a clean and functional approach for the modern home.

Exact dimensions are the most vital aspect in buying window blinds. Measure the window’s width, height, and window casing depth. To determine if an outside mount is necessary, measure both window casings diagonally. (If the window casing dimensions are different sizes, an outside mount is necessary).

The shopping guide for blinds: 1) Be decisive in terms of budget, color, texture and functionality. 2) Also, note that some window blind companies offer a one year guarantee on the parts). 3) Compare bid quotes comparing the cost, warranties as well as the window blind installation fee.

7) Refacing Cabinets – $1000 – $3800

Refacing cabinets entails changing the doors and then adding a matching veneer to the remaining trim. Some refacing projects call for additional hardware. Don’t forget to include the cost of the hinges, knobs and other cabinet hardware when calculating the refacing budget.

Final home improvement tip: When hiring a contractor, homeowners can save on low cost home renovations, such as window blind replacements, refacing cabinets and the new closet door project, by removing the older window treatments, cabinets and doors to cut down on the contractor’s time and labor costs.