Finding the Right Type of Oak Internal Doors for your Interior

Buying internal doors online used to be a hassle, especially when you needed to measure up your own door dimensions and compare and trawl throughout the internet to find the right one that’ll fit your frame. Fortunately, those days are now gone and most doors of today, especially in modern and new build houses and interiors are all a standard size with a height of 1921mm.

Therefore, purchasing oak internal doors is now much easier to that of before. The range of available accessories and styles that you can browse through are unique with some organisations offering the ability to customise your own door and have it cut / moulded on the very same day. It’s these types of levels that organisations are going to ensure that door manufacturers stay competitive, not only on price but also design styles and choice.


There are two main different door types that you should be made aware of. A solid oak door type is a door that has either been moulded together using a number of oak planks and sheets, forming a solid structure, or there’s an oak veneer door which is most typically suited for internal uses. Oak veneer are doors with a hollow sound to them when you tap them. This is their void space and is normally filled with MDF (medium density fibreboard) or chipboard for the more commonly used term. To ensure that you have the best type of oak internal door moving forward, we would recommend a use of mixture and types depending on your property. For example you won’t be able to find a solid oak door in white, however the oak veneer doors come in a number of more styles and types suited for a modern interior design.