Best Roofing Contractors Downriver MI

Michigan’s four-season, cold winter climate can really wear down on one’s home especially down in the South and if the home is old or cheaply built. The roofing usually takes the brunt of the punishment of the rains and snow and will usually need to be maintained every few years or so. So if you just moved to any of the towns in Downriver, MI and bought a home, it pays to know who are the dependable home builders and roofing contractors Downriver MI. Below are some of the best in the area, if you ever need any roofing or home repairs done.

List of Best Roofing Contractors

Downriver Roofers – as the name implies, this company, part of Allpoint Construction specializes in roofing in the Downriver area and is one of the best roofing contractors Downriver MI in terms of quality. In Michigan’s climate, which is mostly pleasant but can get harsh during bad weather, it’s best to go for quality instead of cheapness. Downriver Roofers boasts three core principles in their business which should be standard for all roofing companies; hiring and certification of factory-trained workers and installers, lifetime manufacturer warranty and great customer service.

Holbrook’s Roofing – is a family-owned and operated roofing company since 1980. That’s over 40 years of roofing experience and trust for them to last this long. Holbrook’s is situated in Trenton but can service other parts of Downriver. Like Downriver Roofers, they’re also a fully licensed, insured and certified company. They service both residential and commercial customers and have some fair reviews.

Kincaide Construction LLC – is another great family-owned roofing contractor for Downriver MI. Their coverage spans all Downriver areas and deals with costumers politely and in a professional manner. The company has over 21 years under its belt thanks to quick and affordable quality service.