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Top Ten Roofing Contractors Lincoln Park Michigan

Sunday, June 28th, 2020

Maintaining your roofing is a must in many parts of Michigan like Canton and Lincoln Park. That’s because of Michigan’s four-season climate meaning your roof is at the mercy of the elements, no matter how well it’s built. Therefore, it’s good to know who you’re gonna call in case you run into problems with your roof. If you live or are moving to Lincoln Park, here are the top ten roofing contractors Lincoln Park Michigan.

  • Allpoint construction – At AllPoint Construction, they never forget that you’re trusting them with your home and is said to be the most trusted roofing company in Michigan.They have already served thousands of satisfied customers. Big job or small, this company is ready to take on the challenge. They’re known to also be responsive, highly professional and best of all, reasonably priced.
  • American Standards Roofing – this business has a long history in roofing dating from its foundation back in 1997
  • Victors Roofing – is one of the best roofing contractors serving Lincoln Park Michigan. Customers admire the detailed work they do and the intensive talk-through with the home owners before work progresses. Roofing has become the owner’s passion work, or calling so customers can really expect quality work from a company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Their crew is known to be highly professional but it’s best to hammer out all the details to them, cost, work and schedule for best results.
  • Richards Roofing – is a small but well-experienced roofing company with over 40 years of roofing, insulation and siding credit. Despite its size, Richards Roofing can take on both commercial and residential projects. This company comes recommended by both Yelp and Angieslist with mostly positive reviews.
  • Renaissance Roofing Inc. – in casethe others aren’t available, here’s a good roofer to turn to. Renaissance Roofingis known for its quality and whilefounded earlier in 1996, boasts extensive experience in new roof installations, sky lighting, ventilation, insulation, tear-offs and leak investigations.
  • Kearns Brothers Inc. – has been in the roofing business since 1986 and has had the honor of consistently winning Master Elite Roofing Contractor Excellence Awards since 2004 making it one of the best roofing contractors, Lincoln Park Michigan has to offer. Their work strictly follows GAF standards and use GAF standard materials as well.
  • Martino Home Improvements – is a family-owned business that’s been around since 2000. Has plenty of experience but with mixed reviews yet many were favorable. Willing to accept credit cards and supports financing options which makes them flexible.
  • Mr. Roof of Southeast Michigan – as the name suggests serves most of Southeast Michigan aside from Lincoln Park. Mr. Roof is known for their speed as they can replace an entire roof assembly within 24 hours. They’re also known for their reasonable prices and can serve both residential and commercial customers.
  • Renaissance Contracting – is different from Renaissance Roofing Inc. but both are quality roofers that serve Lincoln Park. Even if you confuse the names, you’ll still end up with affordable, quality work.
  • Weather Guard Building – founded since 1995, its experience spans over 20 years of good quality work on roofing, gutters, sidings, drywall and other services.
  • T. Harvey Construction and Management Inc. – this is a flexible company that can be relied on for more than just roofing. They also offer various home repair and remodeling services.

Best Roofing Contractors Downriver MI

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Michigan’s four-season, cold winter climate can really wear down on one’s home especially down in the South and if the home is old or cheaply built. The roofing usually takes the brunt of the punishment of the rains and snow and will usually need to be maintained every few years or so. So if you just moved to any of the towns in Downriver, MI and bought a home, it pays to know who are the dependable home builders and roofing contractors Downriver MI. Below are some of the best in the area, if you ever need any roofing or home repairs done.

List of Best Roofing Contractors

Downriver Roofers – as the name implies, this company, part of Allpoint Construction specializes in roofing in the Downriver area and is one of the best roofing contractors Downriver MI in terms of quality. In Michigan’s climate, which is mostly pleasant but can get harsh during bad weather, it’s best to go for quality instead of cheapness. Downriver Roofers boasts three core principles in their business which should be standard for all roofing companies; hiring and certification of factory-trained workers and installers, lifetime manufacturer warranty and great customer service.

Holbrook’s Roofing – is a family-owned and operated roofing company since 1980. That’s over 40 years of roofing experience and trust for them to last this long. Holbrook’s is situated in Trenton but can service other parts of Downriver. Like Downriver Roofers, they’re also a fully licensed, insured and certified company. They service both residential and commercial customers and have some fair reviews.

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How Do You Look for Roofing Contractors Canton MI for Your Roof Repair Needs

Friday, June 12th, 2020

Roof repairs are among the biggest investments you can ever put in your property and since they tend to be very pricey, it is important that you work with someone who provides ethical and good work. Below are a few tips to help you find ethical roofing contractors Canton MI.

Question Their Working Process

Before anything else, the contractor must have an answer for any question you got regarding roof repair so never hesitate to raise as many questions as you can. Inquire about the number of supervisors that work on a project. Ask how long the project will take and request them to explain in detail all steps involved in the project. Ethical contractors won’t have any issues explaining the process to give you peace of mind.

This is also the time for you to ask for a list of references, check photos of past projects, and search for online reviews to know if the contractor has a stellar reputation.

Contractors who are hesitant or unwilling to answer these questions should never be considered at all.

Check the Credentials 

Professional roofing contractors Canton MI will be more than proud to discuss their credentials. Ask the contractor if they have been registered with the authorities in area. Unlicensed contractors are a problem in the industry but the good news is that states now require all licensed contractors to be registered with them. Make sure you stay away from unregistered contractors.

You can also ask the contractor regarding the type of products they are using hand if they have been a certified installer or manufacturer. Is the contractor licensed to carry out specific roofing jobs? A quality contractor will display their certifications in prominent areas in their office or on their official website.

Get a Written Proposal

Talk to your contractor and ask them for a written proposal. This proposal must lay out every step of the process such as the materials that the contractor will use, the amount of time it will take to complete the job and how much the project will cost. This written proposal will give both parties terms they can agree on and limit the ability of anyone to cut corners.

Inspect the Warranty

A homeowner looking for roofing contractors Canton MI may sometimes overlook the contractor’s warranty. This warranty from the contractor must be comparable with how long they have been in the industry. Never hire a contractor that promises a decade long warranty despite being in business for just a year. There is a chance that the contractor will be out of business sooner than the warranty’s length.

If the contractor you are working with has been in the business for decades, you will feel more confident working with the company if they provide a warranty for 5 to 10 years.

During your search for roofing contractors Canton MI, it is important that you ask all the right questions. Also, don’t forget to follow the steps above so you can find the most ethical contractor you can work with.

Choosing Siding Companies, Canton, MI

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Your home’s siding is more important than simply aesthetics as it acts as your family’s first defense against the elements. Canton, Michigan’s temperate climate means that your home’s sidings and roofing are exposed to all types of weather and will suffer damage and wear over time. Which is why it’s essential to stay in contact or get acquainted with the siding companies Canton MI has available locally. So what qualities does a good home improvement company make?

  • Affordability – of course, the first thing on everybody’s mind is the budget. The siding company has to be affordable enough for the repair, renovation or installation of the proper siding for the home. It would be a plus if they’re able to accept credit cards, offer discounts or financing packages. It’s also a plus if they offer free inspections and estimates.
  • Materials – speaking of proper sidings, the siding company must make use of the best materials that are up to standard. You may need to ask around if the company you chose use top brand materials such as James Hardie siding or others that are within your budget. A company that uses top brands is a good sign.
  • Experience – when it comes to siding companies, Canton MI has plenty with decades of experience. Experience matters a lot when it comes to quality work and is also a way to measure the stability of your home improvement company of choice.
  • Quality of Work – as mentioned, quality can sometimes be measured by experience and longevity. If a company has been around for a while, it means that it is somewhat trusted by the community. But quality is subjective. You can either ask around or may have to see the work for yourself. One thing about roofing and siding companies in Canton MI, you’ll need to be very clear about your requirements.
  • After-Market Service – and with that, a good home improvement company should be able to provide support even after the project is done, through warranties on labor and materials as well as the ability to fix any unforeseen consequences afterwards.