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Moving Costs: Costs to Hire a Removal Company

Friday, August 17th, 2018

Removal expenses in London can potentially take a substantial chunk of your moving budget. It is, therefore, imperative to contemplate the amount of cash that you need to set aside. However, getting a specific figure when calculating the cost of moving house is an uphill task, after all, the price will vary from one removal service provider to another and from one contract to the next. An excellent starting point would be to examine the various factors affecting the price quoted to you by your prospective removal company, including the following:

The Size of Your Home and the Volume of Your Move

The cost of house moving in London is significantly dependable on the dimension of your current household. For instance, the average expenditure for moving from a 1-bedroom home will be less as compared to relocating from a 3-bedroom property. The majority of companies dealing with domestic removals calculate quotes on the basis of cubic footage of the things that require moving. While the cost will vary between removal companies in London, you may expect to pay approximately £0.75 to £1 per cubic foot.

The amount of stuff you need to shift will have an impact on the cumulative price of moving. You will be required to pay more if your belongings are bulky as compared to moving lesser things. It is, however, critical to get an appropriately sized moving van. This will ensure that you take a single trip between your current home and your new one thus the move will be executed more expediently.

The Required Manpower

For local London house removals, a moving service will charge you approximately £50-£60 for two men and a van for a move lasting about 2 hours. Long distance relocation might require you to pay about £450 for one bedroom to £1000 for four bedrooms depending on the calculations of the specific company you choose. If you require additional crew members, you will have to pay extra for each one of them.

Ease of Access

Most companies providing moving services will charge extra if gaining access to your home is a daunting task. A moving service might add an extra charge to the hourly rate or merely include a fixed fee in addition to your other moving expenses. For example, you will need to cough a little more than the standard charges if you reside in a top floor flat in London that doesn’t have a lift as the movers will experience difficulties when loading their vehicle. Similarly, you might incur more on the moving cost if your property is located up a narrow lane or on the street having restricted parking.

Distance Travelled

A moving company will charge less if you are moving to a local London area rather than relocating across the country. Some house moving companies break down the expenses on a mile-by-mile basis while others charge a flat hourly rate. The bottom line is that the cost of your move is dictated by the distance you’re looking to travel.

Additional Services

House removal companies provide a broad variety of additional services that are intended to render your moving experience so much easier. Extra services that could cost you extra charges include storage, packing, dismantling and reassembling of furniture and cleaning services to mention a few.

Special Care for Valuables

If you have items that require specialized handling and protection, you will incur more costs moving them. For instance, you might require special equipment for relocating fine art and antiques plus the movers use more time and material to pack such items. The cost of handling valuables is usually calculated based on the cost of hiring special equipment or the value of the item in question. Paying the extra money for a moving service will ensure that nothing is lost or damaged during transit. This will ultimately afford you peace of mind knowing that your possessions have been delivered safely to your new London home.

If you’re contemplating moving house, the chances are that house removal cost is among your major concerns. Having a rough idea of the estimated removal service expenses will allow you to find an affordable moving company and keep the expenses in check. The average house removal costs in London rely on a variety of factors that include packaging, distance travelled, the quantity of belongings and specialist items among others. Your moving experience will ultimately depend on your being mentally and financially prepared for the amount your prospective house removals will cost.


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A guide to organizing a stress-free house clearance

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Once in a while, you may need to clear your house of unnecessary or old items. There are many reasons to declutter a home; it could be downsizing or losing a loved one. The process can be stressful, emotional and challenging. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some ways to make your Harrow house clearance smooth.

Formulate a plan

Have a plan on how and which room you will start with and how you will proceed. Organize your time by estimating the time required to clear each room. Ensure you take a break before moving to the next room. Ask for help from friends who will keep you motivated or you can hire professional waste clearance services in Harrow. Professionals will do everything including sorting, the sale of property and waste disposal.

Know your options

There are options available if you are undertaking a house clearance exercise. These options are brought about by handling and disposal of waste. You can hire a skip which is an excellent way of disposing of large amounts of items in Harrow including electronics. You can use the local council services for waste disposal. You may also hire professional property clearance services. Each of the options has their benefits and limitations, and it all depends on your budget.

Separate necessary items from the unnecessary

Sort all the things in the house and divide them into two categories; those you want to keep and those you wish to throw away. Separate unwanted items into items that can be sold, recycled and donated. Label the items separately to avoid having to repeat the process.

Organize a garage sale near your Harrow home area to sell some of the things. You can also donate some items to a charity shop for sale at low prices. Another way of making money is by selling them on eBay. Send items like jewellery and artworks to auctions you might get a nice income from them.

Deal with hazardous waste responsibly

Hazardous products like paints, liquid concrete, tires and oil need to be disposed of carefully. Throwing these products in recycling bins in Harrow is dangerous as they could be explosive, corrosive or flammable. It can be expensive if a waste collection company takes them because they need specialized disposal. You can drop them off at the recovery centres for local council at a small fee or take them to the nearest recycling centre in Harrow.

Hire a property clearance company in Harrow

A house clearance company will offer you customized services depending on your needs. They can do everything from sorting to selling and rubbish collection and removal. Most offer cheap rubbish clearance, junk removal, and eco-friendly property clearance services. They will also recommend any maintenance necessary and introduce you to a sales agent. They will make your rubbish clearance job seamless. Depending on your budget you can engage them to handle as much or as little as you need.

Domestic clearance in Harrow can be challenging, but it is necessary to bring order and neatness to your home. Ensure you do it at your own pace to avoid being overwhelmed.


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