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Safety In a Singapore Elevator

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Elevators, escalators and moving walks are the safest modes of carrying people and goods between floors of a building. Elevators come in all sizes and shapes and they travel at different speed levels. Since elevators are machines and machines are prone to malfunction and stalling, accidents are bound to occur. Therefore, following simple elevator safety rules and guidelines is very important in ensuring your safety in any elevator including the Singapore elevator. The following are things you should do to ensure your safety in a Singapore elevator.


When waiting for the elevator

As you for the wait for the elevator, there are a number of things you need to do. They include the following safety measures:

  • Know your destination 

To ensure that you get to your destination safely you need to know where you are going; the floor you want the lift to take you. This will save you time as you will simply push the floor number and the elevator will take you there. If you are going up, press the UP button and if you are going downwards, press the DOWN button. 

  • Wait for the elevator to arrive

Look and listen for the signal announcing the elevator’s arrival. Once the lift has arrived and there are exiting passengers, ensure that you stand aside to allow them to exit the elevator and make room for those entering. In case the elevator is full, be patient and wait for the next car or simply take the stairs especially if you are going to the first or second floors.

  • Watch your step when entering or exiting the elevator 

It is important to always watch your step when entering or exiting the Singapore elevator. This will help in ensuring that you do not trip and fall in the process of entering the car. Be aware of the health conditions that could contribute to falls and accidents. Children should always be accompanied by an adult when using the lift. Accompanying children will ensure that they travel safe as well as exit safely from the elevator. 

  • Do not stand close to the doors 

Ensure that you stand a few inches away from the elevator doors. This will allow the doors to open freely without a problem. You should also stand aside for exiting passengers to allow them exit the car and also reduce congestion. Be patient and wait for the other passengers to exit from the car. 


  • Do not attempt to open or stop the doors from closing 

Some people due to impatience or ignorance may attempt to stop or open closing doors. Do not attempt to open the elevator doors using your hands, feet, canes, keys or other objects. This may lead to injuries and accidents or it may cause mechanical problems to the elevator. 

  • Do not use elevators in case of fire 

In case of fire or any other emergency that would cause electrical disruptions, avoid using the lift. This is because fire may cause mechanical problems to the elevator and this may prove dangerous to the passengers riding in it. Instead, it is advisable to take the stairs. 

  • When riding the elevator

When riding the elevator there are a few things that need to be observed to ensure your safety. They include the following:

  • Hold the handrail 

Some elevators feature handrails. These are used to give support to the passengers riding in the cars. Therefore in order to prevent you from falling as the elevator starts or stops, hold the handrail if available.  …read more