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The Advantages of Leasing an Office Space

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Every growing business reaches a point someday where it has to decide between buying and leasing a space for office.
Buying has its perks, and is a great option for many businesses. But for the majority of new businesses, leasing an office space makes a lot more sense than buying one. That is because, when it comes to fresh businesses, leasing offers a number of advantages that buying does not.

What are those advantages? Let us have a look:

Flexible length
With the option of leasing, a business can find a space for office for a set duration of time. Some office spaces are leased out for a few years, and some others for just a few months. Therefore, a business can easily get a space based on its length requirement. There is no need to accept a longer term than necessary, or in other words, to compromise.

Low investment requirement
New businesses, especially the small ones, rarely have the financial strength or capital to invest millions of dollars in order to build a great office ambience. Leasing gives these businesses the option to own a good office space without actually having to invest a sizeable sum of money in the beginning. What that means is cost effectiveness and leasing go hand in hand.

Ease of relocation
Once the term of lease expires, a business is free to relocate to a new location, if it so desires. There are no strings attached to force a business to continue leasing the same space. However, relocating is not as simple as that when a business has its own office in a particular location.

Tax deduction
Since leasing an office space can be regarded as a business expense in a strict sense, there is provision for tax deduction against the cost of leasing. This is not the biggest relief of all, but it is still a relief. …read more

Bespoke furniture

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

When speaking of furniture types, bespoke furniture is one type that supersedes all others. Perhaps you may not know the meaning of bespoke furniture or its primary significance in English. Bespoke denotes individually or custom made furniture.

A good feature of bespoke furniture is its miscellaneous assortment and diversity. This furniture can be built to suit an individual’s preferences by simply customizing them in line with a buyer’s proclivity. So be it grave and somber, ornamental and frivolous, whatever you require can be built.

Something more is the fact that bespoke furniture can be designed to suit your personality and also your home. If your preferences do change, you do not need to worry about how to handle your old furniture.


Bespoke furniture is fitted with multiple paneling that allows for easy modification. Whenever you become bored with a design or color, you can secure the services of a carpenter to quickly change the look of the room by simply removing the exterior panels. This type of furniture does not only make your home look tasteful and regal, it can also offer you the luxury of adding your own personality to your home and will provide the magic of uniqueness to your house. You can add flavor to your bedroom, drawing room or kitchen by making use of bespoke furniture.

Bespoke furniture is not only suitable for the 21st century. You can decide to have an antique, traditional appearance for your home decoration. All you need do is to place an order and you will bring to live your own interior decoration idea of what you want.

No matter how tight the space in your room is, TNG Services will provide custom made bespoke furniture wardrobes to suit them. We are experts in the installation and supply of fitted wardrobes. Our designs are made to meet the highest standard in sliding wardrobes