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Natural Latex Foam Mattresses

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Did you know that natural latex foam mattresses, created from the latex sap of the rubber tree, are a much safer option to the popular memory foam mattresses? Memory foam mattresses, like most from the commercial available mattresses, are built from petroleum based foam, an extremely combustible content. Known as “solid gasoline” by firefighters, the polyurethane foam in most commercial available beds burns so intensely that strict new fire resistance standards have been added into law, starting with California in 2005 and going national in 2006. These strict new fire resistance requirements are being met by tripling the amount of fireproof substances, called PDBEs that are included in producing memory foam mattresses and mattress covers.

Most mattress buyers don’t know about the fire danger presented by polyurethane beds. But the greater risk may be the higher levels of PDBEs used to help prevent combustion in memory foam mattresses. PDBEs build up in one’s body in ways similar to banned PCBs, and they have been linked with cancers and other diseases. PDBEs have already been banned in Europe. Some medical scientists believe that the extra load of PDBEs in newly made beds will cause an increasing number of cancer cases in the coming years. Because you lie straight on your mattress for 8 hours every night, your body has its biggest contact with the risky PDBEs while you sleep, and they directly pass right through your skin.

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The solution to the PDBE problem is to do what the Europeans already do, sleeping on natural latex mattresses. Natural latex mattresses are made from the sap of the tropical rubber tree. Natural latex foam does not get burn well, and most natural latex mattresses are also quilted with organic cotton and wool which makes them very fire-resistant, adhering to all current fire codes and standards.

Latex foam comes in a variety of densities for different firmness needs, and, compared with other foams, it doesn’t have to heat up to soothe the body–the effect is immediate. Most people find complete natural latex foam to be very comfortable, relieving stress and enhancing blood circulation. Another great attribute of latex is its durability. Latex beds have been known to last up to 30 years. Because of their strength, latex beds do not need to be turned like innerspring beds.

Because latex beds do not have innersprings, they require a firmer base than the conventional box springs. Latex beds can be used with a platform mattress, a slat foundation which resembles conventional box springs, but has slats on the top, or a solid wood base, which also looks like boxsprings but has a plywood top usually covered with fabric.
Chemical-free natural latex beds are manufactured by a lot of producers, the biggest of which are Sleep Nation at They produce cheap, eco-friendly natural latex foam.